Existing patients of the clinic can book in to see our nurses for childhood immunisations, ear wax removal, repeat desensitisation injections, and ongoing wound management. Typically the visits to our nurses are bulk-billed, meaning no payment is required for patients with a current Medicare Card.

Nurse appointments can only be made by phoning the clinic


Reminder System

  • Our Doctors and Nurses may set up heath related reminders to enhance patient care
  • For example if you were to have a cervical screening test at the clinic, a reminder would be sent to you for a repeat cervical screening test when the next one is due (typically 5 years later) 
  • The way we will send reminders to patients will be via text message to your mobile phone (utilising a service called 'HotDoc')
  • The message you receive will not contain any clinical information - but rather it's a weblink that requires you to answer a basic question regarding your identity (please don't dismiss these messages as spam, or opt out of receiving them!)


  • With the correct verification of your identity, the specifics of your health reminder will be revealed
  • You will then be given the opportunity to book an appointment with your regular doctor through your mobile phone - a calendar showing available appointments will be displayed


Please note that bookings made thought this 'HotDoc' service can only be changed via the original weblink of your reminder message - ie it is a separate online booking system to the main system via the clinic website and the 'Balanced Med' App.


GP Management Plans and Allied Health Referrals

During a consultation with one of our doctors, it may be discussed that yourself or a family member, may be eligible for a GP Management Plan (GPMP) and Team Care Arrangement (TCA).

These plans enable patients with chronic or complex medical conditions to have improved access to Allied Health Professionals such as Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Podiatrists, Exercise Physiologists, Dietitions and Occupational Therapists.

By having a GPMP and TCA, patients are eligible for a referral to an Allied Health Professional. These referrals entitle patients to 5 consultations with nominated Allied Health Professionals. Each of the 5 visits will be subsidised $52.95 by Medicare. The subsidised visits to the Allied Health Professionals can used within the calandar year of the referral, as well as the following calandar year. Maximum 5 subsidised visits in any calandar year.

On your request, your doctor will forward your details to a member of our nursing team. The nurse will then review your medical history and assess your eligibility as per Medicare guidelines. Patients are then called regarding this eligibilty assessment.

Eligible patients will then book an appointment with the nurse to formulate the GPMP and TCA and prepare the Allied Health Referral. This process involves a review of your health, taking measurements such as blood pressure and weight, and corresponding directly with other health professionals involved in your care. It typically takes 30 minutes. After this visit you will will receive the Allied Heath referral. In some cases where your other health professionals are not immediately contactable by the nurse, it will take several days.

Appointments with our nurses to prepare a GPMP and TCA are bulk-billed. This means that for patients with a current Medicare card, there will be no payment.

Patients who have a GPMP and TCA may be contacted by our nurses for a review of their plan. They are also eligible for a new plan every 12 months which enables another referral for 5 subsidised Allied Health consultations (Maximum 5 per calandar year).